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Hello Again!

posted by frafish
Sep 6

I was caught sleeping, much like Obama in his first debate, and did not renew my site registration on time and lost my original site and most of my posts. Luckily I was able to register a new site with the same name after the name had been in the netherworld of web sites for a couple of months. Nobody picked up the name so I was able to recoup.

I haven’t written much during this election cycle because quite frankly the campaign is not as interesting as the ’08 campaign, and also I thought that Obama would win in a landslide of at least ten points. I still think he will win but he has made the election unnecessarily close by his puzzling performance in the first debate. If it had been a sporting event I would have said that he threw the game. He seems to be back on track but it is difficult to erase those first impressions, especially among women. Women like men who are strong, authoritative, and decisive and Obama came up short in that first debate.

Obama should do very well in the final debate and I hope he does because it will be his last chance to get things going his way again. Foreign policy is Obama’s strong suit but recent events will be a sticking point for him and Romney will certainly attack him on recent events in Libya.